Binghamton University Art & Design


This postcard was constructed in Adobe Illustrator and depicts my semester's intention. As a third year undergraduate college student, I find myself often getting lost in the sauce - as rapper Gucci Mane has so eloquently put - in my day to day life while in school. Days begin to blur into one another and I have realized I am not always as present as I would like to be in little moments of day to day life. As a result, I created this postcard with the intention of staying grounded and truly appreciating my existence in the littlest of moments.


For the creation of my personal line icon, or favicon, I began thinking of images, or illustrations that I hold particular affections for. The inspiration behind this favicon was derived from the necklace that I wear everyday on my person as it holds significant meaning for me. I began sketching the image of my necklace as a starting point - a single rose engraved onto a small rectangular plate and refined my sketches from there. The final favicon holds the shape of a rose with my initial "S" in the center of the rose, and emphasizes a linear essence. As this was meant to be a small icon, I knew I wanted to utilize very simple linework that could be turned into vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator.


Illustration for an editorial We Need to Rethink the Way We Look at Other Women by Raquel Laneri and Jessica Roska, calling for body positive attitudes of the female body. The female linear nude was created by hand as a physical illustration, which was later brought into Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to construct the ethereal background of what I envision to be "female essence".

Illustration for an editorial Cara Delevingne Opens Up About Her Childhood, Love Life, and Why Modeling Just Isn't Enough by Rob Haskell. The sketch of Cara's likeliness was done by hand as a physical illustration and was later brought into Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Using a Wacom tablet, I emulated watercolor marks by using various brushes in these two applications to bring color and life into my initial sketch of Cara. I have always been fascinated by her strong, unique features as an artist, as these faces are always the most fun to illustrate.

Illustration for an editorial Coachella 2019 Line-Up Confirms Ariana Grande's World Domination by Alice Newbold. In recent headlines and media coverage, Ariana Grande is finally receiving the praise and respect she has always deserved. As a longtime fan of Ariana, I love this for her, especially given the personal hardships that have plagued her as of late. Her art has resonated with me for the longest, as she just simply speaks her truth and does it well. This illustration was constructed in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in conjunction with a Wacom tablet for the construction of the organic background.


This UX website redesign was a group project. My group members and I chose to redesign the Binghamton Art and Design webpage immediately as soon as the project was introduced because of our less than satisfactory experiences navigating it as Binghamton Fine Art students. We aimed for a complete redesign based on what we, as students, would like to interact/navigate with in a more streamlined and efficient manner.